At last
Eyecups for Bausch & Lomb Elite 10x42 models 61-1042
and the Elite 8x42 61-2848
In black or green or blue. £18.60 each
Eyecups for newer Elite models now in stock.
Their size means that ppi is £3.95 for any quantity.


Optolyth Eyecups.

I regret I have been unable to obtain further supplies of Optolyth eyecups and I have none left in stock
except one pair for the Royal 15x63 @ £20
but I can modify the eyepieces on the 10x40 to enable them to accept an alternative eyecup.

I can still service and repair Optolyth binoculars.


Carl Zeiss Jena Jenoptem
and Deltrintem 8x30.

I now have a supply of eyecups for the popular Zeiss Jena 8x30 binocular.

These simply screw on over the eyelens.
They cost £7 each plus ppi at £3.95 but if you want a pair the ppi is still only £3.95
Pictures below showing size.

I now have soft rubber fold down eyecups for the C Zeiss Jenoptem 8x30 as a direct replacement for the original hard ones.

Outside diameter 34mm . thread 22mm
or outside diameter 34mm, thread 29mm.

They cost £11 each plus £3.95 postage.
A pair will cost £22 but still only £3.95 ppi.

If your C Zeiss Jena binocular eyecup fitting measures 29mm across the thread around the eyelens, then you have a model made in Japan and you need a different eyecup. I have a stock at the same price as the German ones. £7 for hard cups and I have a few fold down rubber cups at £11 each. Plus ppi.

 Some older models have an eyecup with a  26mm thread and even a lot with 29mm  thread so please make sure you ask for the  right size for your binocular.

This is another eyecup version fitted to the
10x50W Zeiss Jena binoculars.

£7 each plus £3.95 ppi

Zeiss Jena Notarem eyecups.

The original rubber fold down eyecups from Germany are no longer available but I have a supply of alternative eyecups at £17.32 each
plus ppi ( £3.95)

The photo on the right shows the top view of the original; the tall replacement and the short ( for spectacle wearers ) replacement.

The photo below shows the side view.


The cups on the left are original and 17mm high.
The cups in the middle are 20mm high.
The cups on the right are 10mm high.

All three fold down for spectacles or sunglasses but if you wear spectacles and don't want to fold the eyecups down, then the smaller, 10mm, eyecups work well.

The tall version can be supplied in Black or Green or a rather nice Grey/Blue.

Winged eyecups.

Can be fitted over existing hard eyecups
with a diameter of 34mm.

Will fit C Zeiss Jenoptem 8x30

Per pair £17 plus ppi £3.95

Fold down rubber eyecups to fit a number of makes and models. Tall version is sold out.
The shorter version is about 10mm high.
These fit HR models from: Opticron; Viking; Mirador; C Frank; Ross Kensington 8x42; 10x42 and 10x50.

£12 per pair plus ppi (£3.95)

Note: Opticron Imagic 8x42 has five different eyecups.
You will need to know if your bino has ROOF or PORRO prisms; Push/Pull eyecups or Twist Up or Fold Down and if Porro, is it SE or non SE model and then
phone Opticron to order a pair.

Leica 7x35 8x32 8x40 10x40. black or green £16 each  

Zeiss west Dialyt in black £18 each plus postage
but there are 6 versions.
8x56 with the logo on the top of the bridge
8x56 with the logo on the front of the bridge
and a version for the binocular microscope OPMI 99.

Nikon Travelite EX rubber eyecup £5 each No twist up plastic pieces in stock at present.
Zeiss west 8x56 £16 each  
Zeiss jena 15x60 £16 per pair.  
Bushnell Natureview 8x30 £8 per pair  
Bresser Action 8x40 etc £8 per pair Green.  
Zeiss WWII 6x30 £8 each  
Opticron MCF / Monk Compact 7x42 one only @ £5  
Swarovski Diana 7x42 one new cup + one s/h